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                                Web Presence                                                                                                             Presence Products                                    
A complete line of products to introduce your business, increase market penetration and offer your prouducts and services on the web.

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                                Domain Registration and Hosting                                                                                                             Domain Registration/Hosting                                    
We will register your domain and setup the domain host. We offer low-cost, one-page website, eCommerce sites and even dedicated dedicated virtual servers.

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                                                                                                                                            Custom Software                                    
We have over a quarter of a centuty of of application software development. We do complete software development for gathering your business needs and requirements, software engineering, deployment, through quality assurance.

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Our customer rave about our products

Edgeland Technologies and Consulting helped me to upgrade my computer systems and gain a web presence. They were very professional and responsive to my particular business needs

Joe Martin, Cincinnati, OH

Edgeland Technologies got my Apartment Finder website up in only 24 hours.

Jeff Adams, Cincinnati, OH

Edgeland Technologies donated their time to setup and maintain our site.

Mikki, Cincinnati, OH